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#77 "Daddy Had A Tummy Ake"

There is way too much vomiting in TV shows and movies. I think it's more interesting if people struggle against nausea and manage to hold it in. Plus, it never looks real. It always looks like they're either spitting out something they were holding in their mouths or that there is a hose spewing out from the side of their face. In the case of the latter, sometimes that can be funny, as it was in the movies The Meaning Of Life (Monty Python) and Stand By Me (barf-o-rama scene). But this is rare. Most of the time, it's just not necessary to either have it happen or to show us. Showing us almost always yanks me out of the pleasant trance of being engrossed. There is no worse transgression in fictional entertainment than suspending the suspension of disbelief.

As for the barfing Daddy in the above comic—a true story perfectly captured by the wonderful artist, Sally. This one was submitted to the school for inclusion on the wall of art, but was rebuffed for being gross. Also, the school principal just would not believe there was such a thing as green beer, and scolded Sally for having too much imagination.

As for depicting vomiting in comics, I'm for it, as it always looks real for some reason.

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