a comic strip with a female consoling her man who failed in a race

#80 "Bruised"

What exactly does it mean when an ego is bruised? Self-observation has taught me that it means that a belief that I held about myself has been proven to be false. The rose-colored glasses that I wear somewhere behind my eyes, and through which I see one heckuva guy, have been cracked (I have only a small piece of one lens remaining these days). After all these beliefs are seen for the mental con artists that they are, what is left? Creative potential, imagination, emotions, and the ability to act (not to mention the gray hair, paunch, man boobs, skin that looks like Arizona, and a nose that could give an anteater a run for his money in a termite mound eradication contest—I see all of this with great clarity).

If you're a competitive young guy who sees himself and the world through a mountain of beliefs, stay away from foot races. For the chances are that you'll be beat by "girls", old people, fat people, and people pushing carriages containing quintuplets, large dogs, and bags of unmixed cement. They'll grab your brain from your skull and chop away at your belief system as if they were lumberjacks on meth and Cuban coffee. If you don't heed my advice, maybe you'll get lucky, and head back home after the race with the gift of divine humiliation. A state of mind in which you realize you're not who you think you are, people aren't who you thought them to be, and that the chaffing on your inner thighs (because you never conceived of the existence of Bodyglide) is what it is: a stinging sensation, nothing more or less (note to masochists: you can increase this sensation with alcohol, salt, and a soapy shower...have fun).

Enjoy the "is" if you're lucky enough to see it as it is. It only hurts in the beginning.

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