a fairy tale parody comic with Rapunzel in her tower wearing gangster rap clothes

#81 "Bad Ass In A Tower"

Rumors are that Rapunzel was a poser who never made any trouble. Any reports of her being arrested, being involved in drive-by shootouts, smoking copious amounts of weed, calling men bitches, or having once been in an urban street gang, are all exaggerations and myth—all just part of the public image campaign. In reality, the most badass things she ever did were having sex with a prince who climbed up her hair (with twins resulting), yelling "I hate those shoes!" at Cinderella when she passed below one day, and throwing her feces at her captor during a one-girl tower riot. She was a rather sweet girl who yearned for a good education, conversation, and to be the first female to be allowed to play village cricket.

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