a cartoon with a man telling his female friend his true feelings, she rips his heart out and eats it

#90 "No Next Level"

I've been in the friend zone a few times in my life. The term "friend zone" is actually a misnomer. It really should be called the "self-aware cookie jar, that either consciously or unconsciously knows you love it and its contents, that is suspended twenty feet above your head by a cruel invisible force that will thwart all efforts by you to leap and grab it, build stairs and bridges to it, or break it with long sticks as if it were a piñata so that the cookies will fall to the sterile futon you have on the ground so you can make love to them and eat them and cherish them forever, though it'll probably never have to thwart you because you're too scared to make the leap, to build, or to smash it because it might fly away forever leaving you forlorn and yearning " zone.

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