a comic strip with a man interviewing for a job who nervously launches a snot rocket making the interviewer vomit

#92 "Brain Fart"

Fellow runners, never forget who or where you are! It's hard, I know. Our imaginations are often drawn to training, racing, and our moments of glory. It's easy to get confused. Especially when we're nervous. I'm not a big fan of snot rockets in races, as I've been the recipient of a few misaimed launches. I always carry a few tissues in races, as to spare anyone the same fate. I've tried the PortaSnotty, but it didn't match my running club t-shirt. Just as running well is important, a runner needs to look good out there, too. Perhaps, it's the placebo effect, but I really think looking sharp makes me run faster at the same heart rate. Plus, you want to look good in the race photos that you know everyone will see...

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