a comic strip with a female vegan being tempted by a singing Elvis impersonator steak or beef

#96 "The Return Of Elvis Beefley"

If my aunts are any indication of whether or not belly fat and bloating can diminish someone's love and passion for someone with these afflictions, then I have to say that they don't affect it one iota. My aunts loved Elvis Presley, whether he was "fat Elvis" or "skinny Elvis." When Elvis put on the weight, it didn't change the thrill factor for his real fans one bit.

Over the years, I've heard many jokes and comments (from men exclusively) making fun of "fat" Elvis. Typical "animal" behavior in that Elvis was such a dominant and beautiful alpha male, making almost any woman forget the existence of their man for at least a few hours, that once males perceived weakness (obesity) in him, they pounced. Thus the constant attempts to weaken the image of Elvis in the eyes of females. Didn't work. The man died (or went into the Federal Witness Protection Program--depending on what theory you believe, or is actually true) a god. And my aunts still love and miss him.

I believe that if Elvis would have become vegan to gain the benefits touted by those who veeg, then eventually renounced the lifestyle and returned to eating beef, chicken, fish, squirrel, and possum that many of his vegan female fans would have banned him in at least some small ways. Some practicers of diets and ways of life can sometimes engage themselves in fantasies that everyone should live as they do. Those who don't align their lives to the "church" automatically enter an impure, plebeian level of reality, even though they might bring much pleasure, creativity and light to the world.

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