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#97 "It Happened One April Afternoon"

When I was a young boy, a Catholic one, I thought Jesus rising from the dead and ascending into heaven was pretty cool and amazing, but he was not the focus of my Easter weekend. We didn't fast on Good Friday, we just ate fish and chips, but we had school off. Good Friday was good. Saturday was a down day, but then came Easter Sunday, one of the great days of the year—not equal to Christmas, but still great. To be honest, I looked forward to the basket of goodies that the Easter Bunny hid somewhere in the house, not going to mass. Sugar often won out when I was young (okay, it still does). I never thought too deeply about the sugary symbols of fertility that I wolfed down on those mornings. They were just your basic bunnies, chicks (peeps), and eggs to me. In addition to these yums, there was always a book of Life Savers candy included in the basket. I'd open the book and there were rolls of peppermint, wintergreen, fruit punch, wild cherry, and the dreaded butter rum. One of the better books on the reading list for spring break.

A heartfelt thanks to all the readers of Crusted Salt. The numbers are growing, which makes this work so much fun.

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