a comic strip with three runners running a marathon making videos of themselves with their smart phones

#98 "Two Kinds Of Runners"

I just love when I get a chance to divide the world into categories and go through life as if they were actually true. Let me erase those categories mentioned in the comic and create new ones that will be equally as true and redefine the universe. There are seven kinds of runners...those who:

—lust for the most expensive running shoes
—pig out all day
—cut courses to win medals and cash prizes
—run only from the couch to the fridge and walk back (they call themselves short distance masticating runners)
—are continuously pissed off at race directors for imperfect races
—wish they were elite runners
—cover their cars with 26.2 stickers and wear their finisher medals to work, weddings and funerals.

Because I believe these things, they must be true.

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