a comic with overtrained runners and kabobs as fusion food

#99 "Runner Kabobs"

There are so many maxims, memes, and aphorisms in the running world that are intended to inspire people to keep at it and to get better. At the heart of most of them is the belief "don't stop until you drop." Even if you have minor injuries and have entered one of the three states of overtraining, don't stop, because if you do, you won't get that personal record, your opponents will pass you, and there will be no glory on the message boards, at the office, or at home with the family. No guts, no glory. You have to be tough! You must be up running when everyone else is sleeping. You must have the focus of a Zen master and achieve a new level of consciousness and existence that will not only make you a winner, but will somehow make you a better and more spiritual person. Run until you vomit! Run until your legs give out! Run until running has rid you of all impurities and you've become a perfect being with an endless flow of personal records emanating from the Halo Of Win that floats above your head.

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