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BW photo of Jimmy Brunelle, playwright and creator of Crusted Salt comics
I started Crusted Salt as a fulfillment of a dream I once had as a teen growing up in Cumberland, RI. Back then, I was gung ho, drawing a few dozen comics with some pens and markers, but then I discovered the magical world of guitar, and forgot about becoming Don Martin (Mad Magazine) until about four years ago. Playing music in front of a Cumberland High School audience (filled with the most awesome CHS girls) just seemed more promising and exciting. When I reached 50 years old, it hit me hard that I was on the lower end of the roller coaster, and that the flat part when the car rolls to a stop would truly be coming. So, it was time to fulfill some of my creative potentials that have been existing in the pupa stage for way too long. In terms of comic strip art, I've managed to free the tip of a wing from the cocoon thus far. I'm catching a touch of sunlight and a slight whiff of nectar through the little hole created by the reach of my fatty appendage.

For many years, Crusted Salt was connected to the world of running, though from time to time I broke out and made some strips about other things. A little while ago, I decided to just follow my bliss and decided not make running the framework any longer. I'd like Crusted Salt to be able to go anywhere.

As seen in my pre-dance vignettes on Dancing With The Cartoonists on The Silly Channel (TSC), my workspace has included a mixture of tables, chairs, pencils, pens, crayons, markers, bristol board, a scanner, ancient Macs, Appleworks (now defunct), a cheap Monoprice drawing pad, and open source Gimp software. Obviously, there is a theme of frugality emanating from my "studio."

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I hope you enjoy some of the comics. Thanks for popping by. :)


Thanks for stopping by. Occasionally, this comic might not be safe for kids (NSFK). To keep updated, please connect to my RSS feed.

Crusted Salt comics by Jimmy Brunelle